Like the iconic blackbird from which it gets its name, Londubh (pronounced Lon-dove) Studio creates fine art that embodies freedom, discovery and a renegade spirit. Lisa Donohoe and Brynn Gelbard design and execute one of a kind pieces that transform spaces through fresh use of colour, pattern, texture and a bit of magical mysticism.

The artists work closely with their clients to understand what each space needs; from painted “rugs” on floors, to decorative finishes on walls and ceilings, painted murals, fashion and editorial backdrops, and fine art canvases. Each project is unique and site specific but clearly infused with Londubh’s modern eclectic aesthetic and joyous precision.

Inspired by nature, mythology and the California spirit, the duo ever strives to push the boundaries of a traditional art form. Their innovative use of classical materials and techniques is a signature of Londubh. Fusing decorative ornament, geometric symmetry and unexpected color combinations, their work resonates on a deeply innate level.

The artists have worked on residential projects for interior designers such as Peter Marino, Kishani Perera and Jamie Bush, and commercial projects such as Clifton’s Cafeteria and David Yurman.  Londubh Studio’s work was recently featured in the 2014 Sunset Magazine Showcase House. The duo is exploring new expressions of their work; a line of furniture is the works.